What Mistakes Could Hurt Your Trade Show Success?

Posted on: 21 February 2017

A trade show can catapult your business to the next level. However, a poor display can hurt your business's chances of being successful. In designing your rental exhibit, you need to avoid mistakes that amateurs make. Here are just a few of which you should be wary.  

Failing to Plan Ahead

It is never too early to start designing your rental exhibit. If you wait until the last minute, your design decisions will be rushed and it will show.  

Ideally, you should be planning for a trade show a few months ahead of time. The more time you have, the longer you have to mull over the design and make adjustments as needed.  

Planning ahead also affords you an opportunity to explore deals, such as sales on lighting and other decorative items, that you will need to spruce up your rental exhibit. If you are operating on a tight budget, you will have time to shop within your budget and find quality items.  

Going Too Big or Small

Rental exhibits come in a range of sizes and selecting the right size can be challenging. If you choose an exhibit that is too small, you could get lost in the shuffle. If you go too big, you could potentially be wasting money that could be used for future events.

To determine which size is best for the trade show, think about how large of an event it is. If it is a secondary style trade show, going big does not make much sense. However, you need an exhibit that will at least match the sizes of your competitors.  

You also need to factor in what you want to do with the exhibit. In addition to displaying products, you might want to have an area in which you can talk to potential clients or perform demonstrations. Once you have a plan for the show, you can calculate how much space you will need.  

Using an Old Display 

If you own an old display, you should consider updating it. An old display probably does not meet the needs of your business now. It also could be a turnoff to potential clients who have seen it before.  

You do not have to commit to buying a display. You can rent one and still decorate it to fit your needs. Renting also gives you an opportunity to test out what does and does not work so that you can factor that into future trade show exhibits. 


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